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Gdansk and Sopot Beaches

Gdansk and Sopot have many wonderful beaches and are a great destination for beach holidays in Poland.

The wide sandy beaches go on for miles - you can walk along the beach in shallow sea from one beach (and even city!) to another. The beaches are very clean with excellent facilities and bins every few hundred meters. Two of the Gdansk beaches have even been awarded with the European Blue Flag status in 2010. You can easily get to the beach by a tram from Gdansk centre (try tram number 3,5 and 8) or by bike along excellent cycling paths, which stretch all the way along the coast.

Every beach has all necessary facilities but also at least one volleyball pitch (very popular sport in Poland), slides and pools for children as well as places to hire boats and kayaks for the watersports enthusiasts. There is a lifeguard and an area marked for swimming on every beach. For drinks, snacks and lunch there are many cafes and restaurants located on the beaches or just off them - convenient enough when you need them, but small enough to allow peace and relaxation on the pure sand.

Stogi beach, Gdansk - Awarded Blue Flag status in 2010

Stogi Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Gdansk. Its soft white sand stretches for miles with 100 meters between the sand dunes and the sea - that's a fair bit of beach for sun-worshipping, relaxing and sandcastles!

If you walk a bit further to the east it feels wild and secluded and birch trees replace the bushes and sand dunes at the far end. The sea is shallow for quite a few meters as you get in and then gradually gets deeper (perfect for whole family swimming).

The cafes and small restaurants are located just before the main entrance to the beach making the actual beach very peaceful and relaxing. There are also plenty of changing huts along the beach and once you get to the secluded area, plenty of sand dunes to hide behind!

You can get to the Stogi beach in about 30 minutes by tram no 3 or 8 from the main railway station in Gdansk. Get off at the final stop and you'll find yourself minutes from the cafes at the entrance to the beach - perfect!

Brzezno beach, Gdansk

This is a lovely quiet sandy beach in Gdansk where you can get to by bike (as well as by tram & bus) as the cycling path runs along the beach. This is also a good place to start a 6km walk along the beach to Sopot.

Enjoy great swimming in a calm clean sea with gentle waves and soft sand underfoot.

You can get to the beach in about 30 minutes by tram no 3 from the main railway station in Gdansk as well as trams no 5 and 8 from other parts of Gdansk. The beach is clean with changing huts and watersports facilities as well as few pop-out cafes.

Koliba beach, Sopot - Awarded Blue Flag status in 2010

This is a charming, tropical-themed beach in Sopot where umbrellas are made of palm leaves and you can hire loungers for the day to escape the heat.

There's a wooden beach hut café, where you can sit in a boat or lie in a hammock as you sip your cocktails or enjoy chips after a dip in the sea. White wicker seats on the beach create a feel of old fashioned film glamour (straight out of "Some Like it Hot").

You can get to the beach from Sopot by foot along the sand or by bike through the park. Alternatively you can get the SKM train to the stop "Kamienny Potok", and then walk through the park. Look out for a lovely wooden hut on exiting Koliba Beach which has the look of a mountain restaurant from the Tatras.


Map of Gdansk and Sopot beaches


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