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Hel Peninsular Beaches

Hel is uniquely located (as you would expect!) on the tip of the narrow Hel Peninsular.

The 34 km long peninsular, surrounding the Gdansk Bay from the north, is only 150m wide in the narrowest place. Going there by train is a great experience as you can view the sea from both sides of the train. In Hel you can find beautiful sandy beaches and lively atmosphere in the pubs.

Great attraction on the Hel Peninsular is a picturesque cycling path running along the sea through the whole length of the peninsular. It is about 40km of easy cycling between Hel and Wladyslawowo and you can stop and take your bike on the train at one of the stops along the way.

In addition to sand and sea attractions, you can go on fishing or diving trips, visit grey seal enclosure, take part in fish cooking competitions or learn to sail in the sailing school in the marina. Windsurfing is a popular sport in Hel.

Close proximity to Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot means that you can easily combine relaxing beach holidays with a day of sightseeing.

How to get there - fly to Gdansk

The nearest airport is in Gdansk. From there you take a train or boat to Hel (it takes about 2 hours either way).

Map of Hel beaches


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