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Tranquillity of Polesie National Park

Located in the plains of West Polesie, about 50km from Lublin, Polesie National Park is a unique ecosystem of marshes, lakes and forests and a habitat of rare species of plants and animals.  This is a conservation of a last remaining natural landscape of famous ‘Polesie swamps’.

Rare plant species growing in the Park include insectivorous plants and wild orchids.  Depending on the season, you can spot birds such as crane, white-tailed eagle, black grouse, white heron as well as many species of duck and goose.

European pond tortoise, an endangered species in Poland, lives in Polesie as well as many types of frogs.  The elk, the beaver and the otter, all inhabit the area of the Park.

Visiting Polesie Park is a great day out for those seeking peace and tranquillity of nature.


Walk along nature trails in Polesie National Park

Visitors to the Polesie National Park can walk along nature trails as well as use observation towers and designated campsites.

When planning your trip to Polesie wetlands, it is Important to take mosquito and tick repellent as well as suitable clothes, including a hat, for protection from tick bites.

Walking trails are relatively short and undemanding leading through wet forest and marshes on the footbridges and through the woods on dry land.  The peace and tranquillity is overwhelming.  In early May the intense lime green colour of ferns on the floor of the forest, white silver birches and delicate flowers appearing in the water, create a joyful impression of spring.

Trail ‘Perehod’of about 5km, starts in the village of Pieszowola and leads to the complex of ponds. On the route and from two observation towers, you can encounter many species of birds particular at the bird migration time in the spring and autumn.

Trail ‘Splawy’ of 3.5km each way. The walk starts at the Polesie National Park Museum in Zalucze Stare.  A small museum includes interesting geological and geographical information about Polesie as well as ethnological exhibition.  Near the Museum there is a small pond with young pond turtles hiding there.

Trail ‘Dab Dominik’ 2.5 (or 3.5) km starts in the village of Lomnica and leads to the overgrowing Moszne Lake passing by the 300-year old oak Dominik.

Circular trail ‘Oboz powstanczy’ of about  4km, starts in the village of Lipniak. The trail passes through the historic site of the January Uprising of 1863.

Circular cycling trail 'Mietiulka' of 21km, starts in the village of Wytyczno.  Bikes can be hired in the Park’s office in Urszulin.

Serious cyclists can get to Polesie National Park on the cycling trail from Lublin.

And you are a horse rider, one of the longest horse riding trails in Poland, Polesie Horse Trail, passes through the Park for about 60 km.


Getting there

Polesie National Park is a perfect day trip destination from Lublin. The best way to get there is by car although it is also possible to take a coach from Lublin to Urszulin, where the Park’s office is located, and where a number of tourist trails start from or are easy to get to.  If are getting to the Park by car, two of three walks can be easily done in one day.  A restaurant in Urszulin is a good place for lunch otherwise you need to take your own sandwiches.

Location of Polesie National Park


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