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Picturesque Roztocze

Roztocze is a land of forests, hills & valleys where nature can be still admired in its wild unspoilt beauty.  The most precious parts of that landscape are protected within conservation area of Roztocze National Park, landscape parks and nature reserves.  

Among many attractions of Roztocze are rare species of plants and animals typical of woodland habitat, nature monuments, ‘stone forest’ & wild Polish ponies.  And if that wasn’t enough there is a wealth of traditional timber architecture and a rich cultural heritage of the region.  History is also present in many monuments commemorating partisan battles that took place in those forests during WW2.

The best way to explore Roztocze’s natural landscape is to walk or cycle through the forest breathing in wonderfully fresh, pine scented air. 


Things to do in Roztocze 

1.Walking & cycling

Roztocze is a paradise for hikers and cyclists as numerous tourist trails cross the forests, hills and valleys.  You can choose from short walks and rides, day trips or long-distance paths.  The walking and cycling is easy as the hills are no higher than 400 meters and woodlands paths wide and easy to navigate.  Bikes can be hired from many tourist companies, campsites & hotels.

One of the great routes is a 15km circular walk to Szumy, famous attraction of Roztocze.  Szumy is a cascade of small waterfalls, 24 of them over 200 meters distance, on the river Tanew flowing through the forest.  The enchanting woodland path starts & finishes in the village of Susiec.

For bike enthusiasts, the route to try is a 13km cycling path from Zwierzyniec, a pictersque small town and Roztocze’s main tourist centre, to Florianka, a small village in the forest and a centre of Polish pony.

Other cycling & walking trails run between little towns and villages of Roztocze with distance ranging from 15 to 74km.


2. Nature trails

You don’t need to walk for miles to admire Roztocze’s enchanting nature as many short educational trails lead to nature reserves and viewpoints.

One of the more dramatic ones is a 2km trail in the nature reserve Czartowe Pole (Devil’s Field) along Sopot river, with waterfalls, bridges over fast flowing river and fallen trees along the way.

2-4km long nature trails around little towns of Zwierzyniec and Krasnobrod take you to local beauty spots and viewpoints.


3. Kayaking

Kayaking is another way of discovering a unique nature of Roztocze. The most popular routes are those along Tanew and Wieprz rivers.  Specialist companies in the area offer kayaking adventure for few hours, a day or a few days.  The offer includes taking you to the start of kayaking route, providing a kayak and life jackets.


4. Timber architecture

Roztocze is one of the regions in Poland with most traditional timber housing architecture. In village Guciow for example, 70% of all houses are made of timber.  In most villages and small towns of Roztocze, many existing houses were built by local carpenters using traditional methods.

Apart from timber housing, still present are many timber churches, Catholic as well as Russian Orthodox. 16th century Greek Catholic church in Radruz, 40 km from Susiec, is one of the oldest and best preserved timber churches in Poland.  Little shrines by the crossroads, which you will see frequently on your trails, are often made of timber.


Where to stay

Roztocze has been long established as a tourist destination and a good choice of accommodation is available in Zwierzyniec, Krasnobrod , Susiec  & Zamosc as well as in many villages in the area. Zamosc is well worth a visit in its own right as the ‘ideal renaissance town’, which appears on Unesco's world cultural heritage list.

Zwierzyniec, an enchanting little town, is the tourist centre of the region, with the office and Museum of Roztocze National Park.

In Susiec, located on the edge of the forest, woodland walking and cycling paths are right on your doorstep.

Krasnobrod, a little spa town, has a man-made lake suitable for swimming and sun bathing.  Once, I sow there a stork only a few meters away from me.

Roztocze is a great destination for a day trip from Lublin and even a good 15 km walk is possible if you start early enough.

How to get there – fly to Lublin

Fly to Lublin directly from London.  From Lublin, take a coach to Zamosc, Zwierzyniec, Susiec or Krasnobrod which takes between 1.5 to 2 hours.   During summer holidays, there is also a regional train from Lublin to Zamosc.

Roztocze on the map of Poland


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