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Explore Augustow Primeval Forest ( Puszcza Augustowska)

Augustow Primeval Forest is the biggest wooded area in Poland covering 1100km2 of mainly pine forest, picturesque lakes and river valleys. The most valuable parts of natural forests are protected as nature reserves. The forest was a royal hunting ground in the past centuries and it is still the habitat of wild boar, elk, deer, lynx and wolf.

The area is perfect for walking, cycling and kayaking holidays but also for sailing and horse riding. There are many well marked hiking forest trails and most attractive kayaking routes along the rivers, lakes and canals. The Czarna Hancza and Augustow kayaking route, one of the most beautiful in Poland, leads from the lake Wigry through Czarna Hancza River and Augustow canal to Augustow.

Where to stay

Suwalki – the largest town and the administrative and tourist centre

Augustow – a spa located on the shores of three lakes and surrounded by forest

Sejny – perfect base for exploring the Augustow forests

Accommodation is also available in the villages in the area.

Best time to go

Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Augustow forests although the beauty of the landscape can be admired at any time of year.

How to get there

The nearest airports are in Warsaw and Gdansk, from Warsaw you can take a train to Suwalki (5hours) or to Bialystok or Elk and from there a train to Augustow or a coach to any destination in the area.


Map of Augustow


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