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Bird watching and nature observing in Biebrza Wetlands

The region of Biebrza Valley, in north-eastern Poland, is a unique ecosystem of wetlands and marshes in the valley of untamed lowland river Biebrza. It is an area of unspoilt nature and a vast diversity of plant and animal species.

Birdslife International has recognised Biebrza Wetlands as the bird sanctuary on a global scale. It is the habitat of 271 species of nesting and migrating birds as well as animals such as elk, beaver and wolf. Biebrza Marshes is a paradise for bird watchers, a place to observe nature but also great for canoeing, cycling and walking.

The whole area lies within the borders of the Biebrza National Park, the largest national park in Poland so you can only use the designated routes to move around.

Things to do in Biebrza Valley

1. Observing nature

There are observation platforms and towers along the hiking and educational trails in Biebrza Valley. Education trails are up to 4 miles long and include information boards describing various aspects of the wetland and forest habitat. Worth visiting Regional Education Centre with observation towers, is located near the Osowiec train station

2. Bird watching

In the spring you can watch mass arrival of migrating birds such as geese, ducks, cranes and plovers and in the autumn the mass migration happens in reverse.Biebrza Marshes is the habitat of rare birds such as greater spotted eagle, snipe and spotted crake. Village Pentowo, on the river Narew near Tykocin, has become the European White Stork village due to a large number of white stork nests there


3. Wildlife tracking

Tracking wolves, beavers, red deer and observing elk mating rituals are all possible with the local guides and can be arranged through tour operators working in the area

4. Fishing

With 36 species of fish found in the rivers of Biebrza Valley it can be quite a catch. Angling is allowed in Biebrza National Park but you need a licence that can be purchased in the tourist and the park information centres

5. Walking

14 signposted hiking trails are mostly easy, sometimes wet and some only accessible in the summer. Observation platforms can be found along many of the trails. Maps and information about the area can be found in tourist information centres in the area


6. Canoeing on the river

If you are ready for adventure you could go on a two week canoeing trip down the slow flowing Biebrza River stopping daily at the campsites. Another kayaking trail is on Jegrznia River from Rajgrod to Osowiec covering about 70 km. Many other kayaking and canoeing trails are available along Biebrza River and its tributaries. For less adventurous there is always messing around in boats

7. Cycling

Scenic cycling trails in the Biebrza Valley area pass through forests and meadows, by the rivers and lakes. Bikes can be hired from the campsites, travel companies and some guesthouses

8. Lake holidays

Rajgrodzkie Lake is a large beautiful lake in the Biebrza Valley region. Surrounded by forest, the lake is great for swimming and water sports


9. Sightseeing of Osowiec Fortress

Visit this Tsar's fortification from the 19th century and explore the fortress underground tunnels for a chance meeting with the Black Lady and other ghosts

Where to stay

Accommodation can be found in small towns such as Goniadz, Grzedy & Osowiec and villages in the area as well as in small hotels, guesthouses and apartments by the Rajgrodzkie Lake near Rajgrod village. Agro tourism accommodation is well developed in the region.

Tour operators in the area offer wildlife tracking tours with local guides (English speaking guides are available)

Best time to go

Biebrza Marshes is the all year round destination for nature and wildlife holidays.

Spring is great for bird watching and kayaking on the river, summer for walking, autumn for cycling & walking trips but also observing elk mating rituals, winter for sledging and tracking wolf, otter & deer.

How to get there - fly to Warsaw

The nearest airport is in Warsaw. From Warsaw you take a train to Osowiec or Grajewo via Bialystok (about 4 hours) and then a coach to your destination. Some hotels can arrange the transport from the nearest train station. Check PKP trains for your journey.

Map of Biebrza Valley


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