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What to do in Lublin

As the new airport has just opened in Lublin with direct flights to London, the town and Lublin region is ready to be discovered as an exciting holiday and short breaks destination.

Lublin is the biggest city in eastern Poland, the centre of agricultural region and a thriving university community with five main universities. Historically the region has always been a place where the western and eastern influences mix, a melting pot of Catholic, Russian-orthodox and Jewish traditions.

Countryside near Lublin is well worth exploring as it is perfect for outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and swimming. It is a landscape of rolling fields and woodlands with the lake district Pojezierze Leczynsko-Wlodawskie, two national parks: Poleski and Roztoczanski and natural gorges near Kazimierz and Naleczow.

Top 10 things to do in Lublin

1. Admire Byzantine frescoes in the Chapel of The Holy Trinity.

The 14th century Gothic chapel in the compounds of the Lublin Castle has its walls and ceiling covered in stunningly beautiful Byzantine frescoes created by Russian painters and depicting the religious scenes and portraits of Polish king Wladyslaw Jagiello who commissioned the work.

2. Wander along narrow streets of Lublin Old Town

Built between the 13th and 16th century, the Old Town in Lublin is one of the best examples of original urban architecture in Poland. Many elegant townhouses have been recently renovated, some are still undergoing renovation. In the medieval cellars you find plethora of restaurants, cafes and art galleries. There is even an Irish pub with a great atmosphere, very popular with the locals. Entering the Old Town from the centre of Lublin, you pass by the Krakow Gate (Brama Krakowska), one of the most recognised landmarks in Lublin, a meeting place and the one that can be seen on the live webcam



3. Visit the Lublin Castle

The 14th century gothic castle, that looks like taken from the Conan and the Barbarians novel, was once visited by Polish kings, used as Gestapo prison during the WWII, now houses the collection of Polish and European paintings as well as regional arts and crafts. On the entry to the museum check out the imprint of the Devil's Paw connected to a great local legend


4. Trace Jewish history in Lublin

For hundreds of years Lublin was a centre of a flourishing Jewish and Hebrew culture. Life of a Jewish hero in the 19th century Lublin was depicted in the book 'The magician of Lublin' by Isaak Bashevis Singer, a Nobel Price laureate, who himself was born in the region.

Find out about Jewish traditions in Lublin by following the 'blue' sightseeing trail dedicated to the memory of Lublin Jews. The trail takes about 3 hours to complete and has 13 stops with information boards in English.

For traditional dishes and live klezmer music pop in to one of Jewish restaurants located in the main Market Square of Lublin Old Town.

5. Visit the Majdanek Museum

Majdanek Museum has been created in the place where the concentration camp was during WWII. You need to allow a good few hours to walk around the museum, which covers a large area

6. Admire Renaissance architecture on a day trip to Zamosc

Old City of Zamosc is an architectural gem, listed as Unesco's world cultural heritage site. The Town Hall alone is worth a visit!

7. Climb up the Hill of Three Crosses in Kazimierz Dolny

Kazimierz Dolny is a picturesque market town by Vistula River, established in the 14th century by the king Kazimierz Wielki. Admire enchanting architecture and the unique atmosphere of the town. Buy 'Koguta',a pastry in the shape of a rooster or a painting from one of many art galleries located around the market square


8. Relax in Naleczow

Naleczow is a small spa resort near Lublin, attractively located in the area of woodlands and gorges with its own natural water springs. Villas in the alpine and highlanders style create an atmosphere from the bygone area. Recently opened Spa Naleczow offering a great selection of spa treatments and a huge swimming pool would keep you occupied for hours

9. Walk and cycle in Roztocze

Roztocze is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Plan a day trip to one of the villages in Roztocze and follow a walking trail in the forest.  

10. Explore the mysterious world of wetlands and marshes on a day trip to Polesie National Park

Walking along the nature trails on timber paths and bridges you might be lucky and spot some of rare wetland birds such as cranes or black storks (again remember to take mosquito repellent). White storks, on the other hand, are everywhere in Poland and in the Lubelskie region you can usually see a quite few of these majestic birds


How to get there - fly to Lublin directly from London

Lublin is located in the east of Poland, about 200 km from Warsaw.  You can fly directly from London to Lublin as the new airport has just opened in December 2012.


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