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Renaissance architecture in Zamosc

Zamosc, located in the south-east of Lubelskie region, is a gem of a Renaissance architecture and the Old City centre appears on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage.  Zamosc was founded in the 16th century by Polish magnate & the Great Chancellor of the Crown, Jan Zamoyski, and designed by Italian architect Bernardo Morando according to the Renaissance principles of an ideal city.

Located about 100 km from Lublin, on the edge of an area of outstanding natural beauty, Roztocze,  Zamosc is a great place to visit for a day trip or a longer holiday.


Top attractions in Zamosc

1. The Great Market Square with Town Hall & richly decorated tenement houses

This is one of the most beautiful Renaissance squares in Europe surrounded by exquisitely decorated tenement houses with arcades running along each side.  Towering above the Great Square is the Town Hall with monumental staircase.  The Museum of history of Zamosc is located in in Ormianski houses at the square.

The square is the scene of many cultural events such as open air theatre shows and musical festivals. In the summer, restaurants located in many tenement houses, put their tables out on the square.


2. Zamosc Cathedral

The cathedral in Zamosc is one of the best examples of 16 & 17th century sacral architecture in Poland. The Cathedral’s interior is richly decorated and the crypt contains the mausoleum of the Zamoyski family, the founders of the city.  From the top of the Baroque tower you can admire panoramic views across Zamosc.


3. Fortifications of the old Zamosc Fortress

In the 16 century, the town was surrounded by fortifications with bastions and gates.  Zamosc Fortress had protected the town from many enemy armies in the past.  Reconstructed fortifications together with a lovely landscaped park, create a relaxing walking and cycling area just outside the Old Town centre.  The museum in the Arsenal building illustrates the history of the Zamosc Fortress.


4. Rotunda – The Mausoleum of Martyrdom of Zamosc Region

During WW2, the Rotunda, a round military structure which was a part of fortifications from 19th century, was a place of mass executions of Polish & Jewish people.  Now the whole area is a Mausoleum dedicated to the memory of those who died there.  In the series of small rooms there are photographs, stories and tributes to those who died.


Where to stay

Zamosc has a good selection of 3* hotels located mainly in the Old Town or nearby as well as some 2* and two  4*hotels.  Plenty of good regional restaurants in the Great Square will sustain you during sightseeing.  Regional dishes such as buckwheat pie with kefir (type of natural yogurt) are highly recommended.

How to get there – fly to Lublin

Zamosc is located about 100km from Lublin. Fly to Lublin directly from London.  From Lublin take a coach to Zamosc (1,5 hours) or during summer months – a regional train that takes 2 hours.

Zamosc on the map of Poland:


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