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Learn the lingo - useful Polish phrases

It's always good to learn some basic Polish words and expressions before travelling out there.

Something to bear in mind is that Polish language is more formal than English, so unless you know someone, don't address them 'ty' (you) or 'Tomek' (Tom). If you go into a store or ask for directions/information, remember to address people as 'Pani' (Mrs) or 'Pan' (Mr) as a mark of politeness and respect. In return, you will also be called a 'Pan' or 'Pani' by the shopkeepers.

A lot of the young Poles know how to speak English very well, it's good to know some basic phrases to get around:

It's not an easy language but with practice of putting a few consonants together, you'll be on your way.

Everyday Polish phrases:

  • Hello/ Bye (casual) - Czesc (pronounce 'chesch')
  • Good Morning (formal) - Dzien Dobry (pronounce 'jen dobryi')
  • Thank You - Dziekuje (pronounce 'jienckuye')
  • Please - Prosze (pronouce 'proshe')
  • How are you? - Jak Sie Masz? (pronounce 'yak se mash')
  • How Much does this cost? - Ile to kosztuje? (pronouce 'eele toor coshtuye')
  • Where is? - Gdzie jest? (pronounce 'kche yest')

Food & drink:

  • Coffee - Kawa (pronounce 'cava')
  • Tea - Herbata (pronounce 'herbarta')
  • Beer - Piwo (pronounce 'peevo')
  • Wine - Wino (pronounce 'veeno')
  • Bread - Chleb (pronounce 'hleb')
  • Soup - Zupa (pronounce 'tzupa')
  • Sandwich - Kanapka (pronounce 'canapcka')
  • Salad - Salatka (pronounce 'sawatka')

Useful travel words:

  • Ticket - Bilet (pronounce 'beelett')
  • Plane - Samolot (pronounce 'samoulot')
  • Train - Pociag (pronounce 'pochowk')
  • Bus - Autobus (pronounce 'outobus')
  • Tram - Tramwaj (pronounce 'tramvay')
  • Station - Stacja (pronounce 'statzya')
  • Airport - Lotnisko (pronounce 'lotnitzko')

Buy Polish language phrase books:

Get to grips with the Polish language, words, phrases and grammar with these Amazon Polish phrase books. We guarantee it, the locals will really appreciate it!

For more advanced words, try the dictionaries, always useful in a restaurant when you're not sure what you're ordering.

You can also try the audio courses to really get your Polish language skills up and so you that you can really converse with the locals when you get there.


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