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Bieszczady Mountains

Bieszczady is the Polish 'wild west' in the south east corner of the country.

It's a mountain range (part of Carpathian Mountains), with sweeping pasturelands known as Poloniny, natural primeval beech forests and diverse rich nature. The highest peak - Tarnica - raises to 1346 m above see level. The region is home to some 200 animal species including European bison, brown bears, lynx and wolves. You'll also find well over 100 species of birds here, the emperor of which is the golden eagle. Plant world is equally rich. The large part of the area is protected by Bieszczadzki National Park. The region is one of the least populated in Poland and most un-touched by man. It's very popular with tourists seeking peace and tranquility.

Bieszczady Mountains are also known for beautiful timber architecture of small rural Orthodox churches that have been part of the landscape for centuries.

Bieszczady is a perfect place for active holiday activities such as walking, hiking, cycling or horse riding but also for simply observing the nature in its tranquil surroundings.

Maps of the area can be found in bookshops in bigger towns.

Walking - There are many marked walking trails across Bieszczady Mountains. The walking is relatively easy. The best walks include Polonina Wetlinska, Polonina Carynska, Tarnica Mountain, Mala Rawka & Wielka Rawka.

Horse riding - You can't have 'wild west' without horses. Bieszczady is home to the Hucul horse. This is one of largest in Poland Stud of Hucul Horse. Horseback rides and trips are arranged by centers in Wetlina and Wolosate.

Where to stay

Excellent base for walking holidays are Ustrzyki Gorne or Wetlina with good choice of accommodation. There are also some hotels in other areas that offer to arrange transport to and from the start and end of hiking routes.

How to get there - fly to Rzeszow

The nearest airport is in Rzeszow. From Rzeszow you can travel by coach to Ustrzyki Gorne or Wetlina, changing in Sanok. You can also arrange with the hotel to be picked up from the airport.

Bieszcady Mountains Map


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