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Dolina Chocholowska

Dolina Chocholowska (Chochowska Valley) walk

A walk along the valley of Dolina Chocholowska - an easy hike of about 2 hours each way, at the end of the valley there is a mountain shelter (at 1148m) with a restaurant. Start and end of the walk is the entrance to Chocholowska valley

Dolina Chocholowska is the biggest valley in Polish Tatras. The route is a wide road climbing gently through the woods. Along the route runs the stream that you cross many times on small wooden bridges. Rugged peaks of Tatra's rise above the spruce trees on both sides of the valley as you approach Polana Chocholowska. A small wooden chapel can be seen from a distance. It is an easy walk that can be done even in winter. The restaurant at the mountain hut serves simple delicious dishes such as warming soups, stews, polish sausages, pancakes and apple pie (szarlotka).

To get to the entrance to Chocholowska valley you need to get a bus or a minibus from one of the bus stops in Zakopane. A bus ride takes about 30 minutes and cost less than a pound.

The other way to get to the entrance to the valley is to walk west along Droga pod Reglami route starting near the ski jump in Zakopane.

The mountain hut at the end of the valley can be also reached by bike or a horse carriage ( sledge in winter) that can be hired at the entrance to the valley


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